Custom Parts


"Pro-Flow" Filter System

  Cams and Lifters



Custom angled XR-750 style Mikuni intakes for Big-Block V-twins

  Billet Flywheels


Billet Oil Pump Gears

For alcohol applications.


Billet Mikuni Intakes

Dual Mikuni "through the fan housing" intakes for big-blocks.


Manley Valves

Available for big block and small block.

  Exhaust Port Adapters

  Miscellaneous New Stock Parts


Billet Roller-Tipped
Rocker Arms

  Billet Fan Covers



High torque solenoid shift starters.


Billet Rocker Covers

Available for all models.


Piston and Rod Set

Comes complete with billet rods, pistons, rings, pins, and ARP rod bolts. Sets available for all models.


Rev Kit

Rev kits available for all models.


Eagle Pro Flow K&N Filter Kit

Available for all models.


Arias Pistons

Performance V-Twins is an Arias Pistons distributor. Arias forged pistons available for all models.